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 Archives of athletics in Peterhead and the surrounding area

PAAC junior boys team (1990)

PAAC - junior boys team (1990).jpegThis was the PAAC junior boys team that won the Grampian Athletics League Finals in 1990 at Inverness. Back Row (L to R) Neil Minty, Robin Galloway (TV/Radio presenter), Ewan McGee, Neil Best. Front Row (L to R) Mark Dobbie, Neil MacInnes, Graeme Rennie.

PAAC boys XC relay championships team (1991)

This was the PAAC boys XC relay team that won a bronze medal at the North District XC relay championships at Fort William in 1991. The team had to consist of one junior, one senior and one youth which is equivalent in today's age categories of boys from the U13, U15 and U17 age groups. Team (L to R) - Jamie Mundie (senior), Darren Strachan (youth) and Ewan McGee (junior).

PAAC - boys XC relay championships team (1991).jpeg

David Guest writes (3 March 2023):-

I  had two stints with the club. One between 79 and 80 and one  sometime around 84. I have found these three photos.  The first is me handing the baton over to Henry Hay in a 4x100 (odd that I was not on the last leg), the second is Dawn Kitchen with one of the other girls (memory fails me here ) and then finally me doing a high jump.  The track was in Aberdeen